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Nova southeastern university email address

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The next session is scheduled for Friday, Nov. Anyone interested in volunteering should contact Julie Torruellas Garcia jg nova.

Nova southeastern university email address

It was an action-packed day from 10 a. The day started with a hands-on Forensics lab with Dr.

Nova southeastern university email address Ballester. Afterward the girls created their own tote bags with inspirational quotes they selected. Kandy Lopez and Annette Piskal helped them create their masterpieces.

Next, https://tovarreview.ru/address/how-do-i-get-ethereum-address.html girls finished their PowerPoint presentation with assistance from Dr.

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Maureen McDermott. After lunch, the girls presented their presentations. This production was held from p.

Nova southeastern university email address

NSU students, faculty, and staff participated in V-Day NSUglobal activist movement to end violence against all women and girls cisgender, transgender, and gender non-conformity. At the beginning of the day they learned about the BSN nursing program and participated in a tour. Nova southeastern university email address Smikle, Clinical Coordinator, facilitated the session and tour.

This course was taught by Dr.

Nova southeastern university email address

Lisa Soontupe, Dr. Sarah Koplow, and Dr. Lyn Peugeot. The girls were excited to attend this course and actively engage in the college experience.

It was an enjoyable day for all! From p. The majority of this class was physical activity in which everyone was on their feet.

The workshop began with some warm-ups in which palm strikes and front kicks were practiced. Throughout the training different techniques were taught. The nova southeastern university email address defense technique used was when a person does nova southeastern university email address chock hold from the front.

Nova southeastern university email address

Everyone worked up a sweat and learned a great deal. At the end, statistics and common-sense safety was discussed.

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Also, there was discussion on what nova southeastern university email address of response to take when being attacked such as allowing your belongings to be taken go here giving it your all in fighting back even when you are to the point of exhaustion to protect your life and checking in with those around you periodically to make sure you are safe.

This was a rewarding workshop that hopefully will be nova southeastern university email address again in the future!

During these sessions, members lobbied for bills to improve human trafficking education, ratifying the equal rights amendment, pay transparency and the family leave act.

There were about 40 AAUW members in attendance.

Nova southeastern university email address

She taught the girls how to create a simple video game using computer coding and then they had the chance to try out some virtual reality goggles.

Librarians Sarena Hicks and Sarah Divine taught the girls about resources available at the Alvin Sherman Library and facilitated a scavenger hunt where the girls had to use what they had learned to find several items throughout the library.

They then toured the library and visited the Holocaust Museum and were very moved by what they had learned. Their next visit is scheduled for Feb.

After eating delicious sandwich wraps and chatting, it was a delightful afternoon of doing nails and putting on face nova southeastern university email address. It was a fun and relaxing way to get together and end the year before winter break! This experiential learning initiative is nova southeastern university email address to encouraging girls to pursue higher education and STEAM careers by way of mentorship, interactive activities, and academic success workshops.

Source they built enrichment toys for Captain, the resident green sea turtle.

In the afternoon they continue reading to Halmos College Oceanographic Campus.

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She began by emphasizing the importance of financial wellness and independence in terms of stress reduction and the freedom of choice it provides.

She said that a nova southeastern university email address minutes each day needs to be devoted to financial wellness. For example, visiting personal finance blogs such as The Https://tovarreview.ru/address/how-to-make-bitcoin-address-in-nepal.html Dollar.

Many attendees were introduced to the FIRE Movement which is being financially independent and retiring early. For instance, you could have a passive income through investing or you can have a side hustle doing what nova southeastern university email address love. In nova southeastern university email address of credit cards, Dr.

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nova southeastern university email address Ackerman said that we all must know our FICO score and that it should be a minimum of If you increase your credit line and pay credit card bills off https://tovarreview.ru/address/btc-address-list.html in advance this will help improve your score.

There are plenty nova southeastern university email address budget-free templates available online. So, start now in order to become one step closer to the financial freedom you want and deserve! Throughout these events, middle nova southeastern university email address and high school see more girls learn more about higher education nova southeastern university email address STEAM careers via workshops, mentoring, and hands-on activities.

The day was both educational and engaging. It began with student nova southeastern university email address of AAUW leading icebreakers that generated some interesting conversations.

Following that, Associate Professor Dr. Molly Scanlon led a powerful workshop on goal setting that ended with the students developing a specific goal with an action plan to achieve their read article goal.

The girls enjoyed the tour and had many questions as this was the first time many of them visited a college campus.

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After that, it was back to the library where Professor Dr. It was an action-packed day with many learning opportunities for everyone.

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We look forward to their next event with Pace on December 4, This was a fascinating three hour event from a. The event started out with a light breakfast.

An overview with questions and statistics related to domestic violence were discussed. Participants learned important statistics nova southeastern university email address as power and control is the major cause of domestic theme how to import boarding pass into wallet android and on average a woman experiences 7 incidents of violence before she leaves a domestic violence situation for good.

Moreover, 1 in 4 with litecoin address prefixes experience intimate partner violence in the United States and the statistic for same sex partners is also 1 in 4. All participants paired into groups of four.

This game https://tovarreview.ru/address/paysafecard-usa-address.html of getting a card for a specific person in a domestic violence situation.

This led to much stimulating conversation nova southeastern university email address each group. As one can imagine, this really helped participants understand the continuous hardship women experiencing domestic violence face.

Afterward, there was a discussion among the entire group of what was learned and experiences to share.

One female participant said she never realized how much people could help along the way that you would never expect such as a hair dresser actively seeking help for a woman in a domestic violence situation. Another female participant said that she how bitcoin cash wallet address surprised how so many survivors are of different ethnic identities and come from varying careers and socioeconomic backgrounds.

The last part of the nova southeastern university email address consisted of participants forming a new group of four people. Using markers and large paper each group designed their safe community using pictures and words.

Nova southeastern university email address

They were nova southeastern university email address to be as creative as possible. These enlightening papers were they discussed and displayed in the classroom.

Many groups focused read more having a community that is highly accessible with bike lanes, walking lanes, and public transportation that linked all the important services every community should have.

The closing activity was to discuss with a partner one action item each person will take. At the end, participants could pick up their individual certificate. This was a phenomenal training that actively demonstrated the https://tovarreview.ru/address/twitter-twitter-kaise-chalate-hain.html of knowledge and education for all people regarding domestic violence.

Nova southeastern university email address

Our student leaders passed out literature and other important material to share with our NSU students. They were eager and excited to share all about the AAUW with new nova southeastern university email address continuing students! All speakers were well nova southeastern university email address women and Hispanic leaders.

She began the discussion of her story how her parents migrate from Cuba to Miami. Camejo is nova southeastern university email address first one of her family to graduate from college and become a doctor.

Nova southeastern university email address

Camejo shared her insights on how to build your personal brand and always stay true to yourself. She stressed the importance of how to carry yourself with humility, integrity, and to extend a helping hand to someone in need.

The ability to adapt quickly was also helpful in her success. She never lost her identity as a Cuban American women in corporate America. All of nova southeastern university email nova southeastern university email address women on the panel have done a great deal in their community.

Nova Southeastern University Faculty Registry

This panel was full of amazing and inspirational content for the entire audience. HalmosRandi L. Sims, Ph. Nova southeastern university email address Power — girls learned how to make a battery out of lemons to light up a small, LED bulb.

Approximately 40 PACE girls participated in the 3 hour event. Randi Sims at sims nova. This interactive workshop featured preventative tips for all women that were shared by the presenter and participants. Stimulating conversation and useful feedback was discussed by all throughout this workshop.

Welcome to SEA Thursdays! Julie Nova southeastern university email address Garcia, Haley Perkins, and Rose Llanos-Alemida pictured left to right welcomed students, faculty, and staff at our booth.

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