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Wow treasure frostfire ridge

wow treasure frostfire ridgeUse: Adds treasure locations to your map. Requires Level 90; "A map of treasures to be found in Frostfire Ridge." Sell Price: g. A question about treasures in Frostfire Ridge. I'm only a few levels in to wod and I'​m having trouble finding the treasures there. I have the map that shows them.

The Gatherer Addon optional. Where to go: Bloodmaul Slag Mines 51,21 is the best POI to start your gathering route, as it has a neutral flight path.

Wow treasure frostfire ridge

So, whether you play Horde or Alliance, fly here and use this location as your starting wow treasure frostfire ridge. What to do: Evidently, gather each and every Frostweed wow treasure frostfire ridge Fireweed node that you see, following the route marked on the map.

Wow treasure frostfire ridge

The wow treasure frostfire ridge concentrations of Frostweed are on the rocky areas to the west, wow treasure frostfire ridge and east from the Cracking Plains.

Next, go further south and get all the herbs in the bittrex institutional around the Pit of the Devourer 63,43and then go all the way across the Cracking Plains, over to the Boneslag 45,45 and collect all the herb nodes in this pit.

Wow treasure frostfire ridge

From the Boneslag, go north to the Savage Crag 50, Your last area is the eastern part of Stonefury Cliffs, around 47,23and once you get the herbs here, move once more to Coldsnap Bluffs. You can find her on this herb gathering route, at about 65,40a bit east from the Pit of the Devourer.

Wow treasure frostfire ridge

Also, check this out any Disturbed Podling that may attack you when picking up a herb node.

Not only it drops extra herbs, seeds and Primal Spiritsit may also drop a battle pet, the Wow treasure frostfire ridge Sproutling. This is also a nice score as it can be sold for g, or even more, if you level it up.

Wow treasure frostfire ridge

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